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Name Position Email Phone Teacher Website
Administration & Office Staff
Cruckshank, Michelle Principal & Covid Site Supervisor 253-571-7400  
Mensah, Darius Assistant Principal 253-571-7498  
Duncan, Lisa Office Coordinator 253-571-7400  
Powell, Jennifer Office Assistant 253-571-7528  
Smith, Kara Secretary 253-571-7470  
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Barlow, Derek Media Specialist/Librarian 253-571-7507  
Callero, Marcus Teacher, Physical Education 253-571-7516 Sway Website
Collins, Stefan Education Support Professional    
Coopershear, Chelsea K-3 Literacy Co-Teacher 253-571-7473  
Cruckshank, Michelle Principal & Covid Site Supervisor 253-571-7400  
Dickson, Donald Teacher, 2nd Grade 253-571-7514 Sway Website
Duncan, Lisa Office Coordinator 253-571-7400  
Duvall, Kristen Teacher, 4th Grade 253-571-7495  
Evans, Marie Teacher Title1 253-571-7478  
Fleischmann, Frances Teacher LAP 253-571-7490 Sway Website
Franco, Anthony Teacher, 3rd Grade 253-571-7489 Sway Website
Fuenzalida, Pamela Teacher, 5th Grade 253-571-7494  
Gaidarji, Evgheni Night Custodian egaidar@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-7480  
Gifford, Claire Psychologist 253-571-7499  
Gordon, Courtney Education Support Professional 253-571-7485  
Harenberg-Leandro, Christine Physical Therapist 253-571-7499  
Hirz, Suzan Speech/Language Therapist 253-571-7476  
Jimenez-Andalon, Ivette Teacher, Preschool 253-571-7519  
Johnson, McKenna Occupational Therapist 253-571-7499  
Joyce, John ELL/Bilingual Education Teacher 253-571-7489 Sway Website
Leal, Lidia Education Support Professional 253-571-7519  
Madrigal-Leon, Edna Education Support Professional 253-571-7519  
McMullen, Brien Education Support Professional 253-571-7485  
Mensah, Darius Assistant Principal 253-571-7498  
Merry, Lana ELL/Bilingual Education Teacher 253-571-7489  
Picou, Elisabeth Teacher, 5th Grade 253-571-7486  
Powell, Jennifer Office Assistant 253-571-7528  
Prevost, Michelle Family Support Liaison 253-571-7474 Sway Website
Prewitt, Constance Teacher, 3rd Grade 253-571-7487 Sway Website
Ramirez, Martha Head Cook 253-571-7483  
Reinmuth, Amy Teacher, Kindergarten 253-571-7503  
Rendon, Daysy Teacher, 1st Grade 253-571-7511  
Roach, Andy Teacher, K-5 Sped 253-571-7520  
Rogers, Iris Teacher, 4th Grade IROGERS@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-7493 Sway Website
Rogers, Jessica Teacher, Kindergarten 253-571-7506 Sway Website
Rogiers, Kellie Guidance Counselor 253-571-7475 Sway Website
Schliebe, Allen Teacher, 4th Grade 253-571-7496  
Scott, Katherine Teacher, Kindergarten 253-571-7504  
Silva, Destiny Teacher, 5th Grade 253-571-7492  
Smith, Kara Secretary 253-571-7470  
Stewart, Clara Teacher 1st Grade 253-571-7512  
Symonoski, Suzanne Teacher, 3rd Grade 253-571-7488 Sway Website
Uscanga, Maria Education Support Professional 253-571-7489  
Ward, Kimberly Teacher, 1st Grade 253-571-7513  
White , Kim Cashier kwhite1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-7483  
Whitemarsh, Tracy Teacher, LRC 253-571-7477 Sway Website
Williams, Celine Teacher, 2nd Grade 253-571-7510  
Williams, Buddy Chief Custodian 253-571-7480